your city premiere

The This Baba horo (line dance) started in Seattle on May 10th, 2014, and continued with premiers in Vancouver BC on May 19th,  San Francisco on May 24th and Balkan Fest “Europa Roots” on May 25th. Please visit Premieres Archives to watch the latest videos.

This Baba would love to bring the horo to your community. If you would like to become a This Baba ambassador please email us at or call us at 206.778.0280. You will get a complimentary screening copy of the movie, a digital file to print a poster and any assistance on our end of the horo to make the premiere in your community special.  (Director Bogdan Darev, and baba Penka Encheva can be available to travel and present the film.)

The film is 31 minutes with English subtitles. It is perfect to pair up with a live performance, dance, lecture or screen at Bulgarian schools abroad. This Baba encourages you to share the viewing experience in a community setting and also extends a warm invitation to non Bulgarian communities to join the horo.




2 Responses to your city premiere

  1. Barbara Babin says:

    I’d love to give it a whirl here in Santa Rosa.
    Barbara Babin

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