this baba

This Baba is a universal story of grandmothers from every country across the globe who are divided between here and there, isolated by a lack of English, stuck in suburbs, missing their friends and loved ones back home.

Penka Encheva, an extraordinary traditional singer as a young woman in her native country of Bulgaria, is no different. At age 67 she immigrates to America to care for her grandchildren. Having given up on her dreams to be a published singer long ago, This Baba gets a second chance.

This Baba

2015 SPECIAL DVD release
The “This Baba” DVD is getting a new release with many bonus scenes including a 15 minute video with interviews by producer Mary Sherhart and director Bogdan Darev, Jack Straw performance by the Bulgarian Voices of Seattle and more. The DVD goes on sale this Spring.
April 25th, 2015
Verea Folk Festival in Chicago
Trailer & scenes presented by Elka Rouskov, president of BCHCS. Producer Mary Sherhart, director Bogdan Darev and singer Penka Encheva in attendance.
May 23rd, 2015
Northwest Folklife Festival
film presented by producer Mary Sherhart, director Bogdan Darev and singer Penka Encheva in attendance.
Your City? This Baba would love to come to you city next.

(presented by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle, produced by Mary Sherhart, directed by Bogdan Darev, 31 minutes, with English subtitles)

The horo started with the SEATTLE premiere on May 10th…


2 Responses to this baba

  1. Gary Nyberg says:

    Sorry to miss your Seattle Tazi Baba premier but am immersed in tax and financial obligations. We will buy a copy for sure. Best.

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